What Does MediaCamp 2 Need? (Short answer: Your ideas)

If you’re a storyteller (journalist, blogger, photographer, public relations, etc.) or developer (building apps, a whiz with open data, designing software, etc.) we want you at MediaCamp 2.

The first MediaCamp was an unconference – a day to talk about where journalism and storytelling was at and where it was going. This second go-round is all about finding new, efficient, cool, and better ways to tell stories. And developers are going to have some ideas on the tools available and the work needed to make some of that happen in our digital world.

So, whether you’re interested in learning about open data and how to stay relevant in the blogosphere or how your new app could help a newsroom and which media property could pay you for some developing, this should be a great day of ideas and new partnerships.

MediaCamp 2 is also going to be programmed, which is why your input is so important. Let us know what you want to learn about/talk about/teach others by filling out a really easy 3 question survey.

Also, there will be lunch.

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