3 thoughts on “Edmonton’s new snow rules”

  1. How is this a good thing? I know it sucks to live on a street that ends up not getting plowed all winter long, but if we’re not plowing major arterials then what does it matter if you can get around within your neighbourhood? If you can’t actually get to work in the morning then this is all moot, no?

  2. Yeah, I hope they still keep the main focus on major streets and bus routes, and just mean they’re adding more snow removal crews to get things done in 5 days.

    But this is the same City Hall that stopped putting up snow ban signs so they could put them up a few weeks later when they changed very little about the plan.

  3. I hope so, too. As someone who gets around almost exclusively by transit during the winter, I’m a bit concerned about the possibility of bus routes not being cleared because we’re still busy digging out the residential neighbourhoods.

    But, yes, the articles does mention that they’ve purchased more equipment so, hopefully, this will mean that they can still clear the main road/bus routes right away even while making sure that all residential streets are cleared within 5 days.

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