Two things to mention: I got myself a new library card (I didn’t know you could get ALL of the cards in ANY of the colours!) and it’s READ IN Week 2011.

That means everyone is invited to read at schools, libraries, and community organizations. I hope to be able to pronounce everything in Marty Chan’s The Mystery of the Graffiti Ghoul correctly when I read it for students at my local school.

2 thoughts on “READ IN Week”

  1. There really is only one choice, and you didn’t make it. “I’m an Information Ninja” was almost not going to exist, a source of mine confirms.

  2. Oh, I was on the verge of choosing the Information Ninja card, but opted at the last second to go a different way. Maybe because until I asked for this card I didn’t know you could get them all in every colour.

    They’re all great options, and I don’t regret keeping my ninja-ness a secret.

    I can imagine that there were a few items in the EPL’s re-branding that might have taken some pushing.

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