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Jeff selfie in front of pink wallOh, hai Internet! I’m Jeff, a journalist, community manager and food truck fan.

I’m all about community engagement and local storytelling. I’ve done this as a journalist, publisher, writer and producer and working in media, communications and marketing for nearly 20 years. (That last part makes me feel old.)

Since moving to Edmonton in the mid-aughts I’ve published online magazine Edmonton Quotient, lead the entrepreneur-focused Capital Ideas communities in Edmonton and Calgary for Postmedia newspapers the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald, worked as a communications coordinator for a charity, and lead the prairie bureaus of Accessible Media Inc. (AMI), a non-profit broadcaster dedicated to making media accessible to all Canadians, and telling stories with, for and by disability communities across the country.

I’ve also produced original films and series at the edmontonian media co., with my smart and hilarious partner, Sally, including the AMPIA-nominated Startups (Best Screenwriter, Under 30 minutes) and The Underdogs of Comedy, which highlighted Edmonton’s indie standup scene. Sally and I also ran the community website the edmontonian, which was a popular city blog focused on people, businesses, events, and news, and spawned a ShawTV series. In 2011, the edmontonian won SEE Magazine’s Best Edmonton Blog and the TV series was nominated as Best Light Information Program at the Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA) awards.

For the past several years I’ve also dedicated my time to the board of the Strathcona Community League, one of Edmonton’s 160 neighbourhood organizations fostering community connections, recreation, and planning and development engagement. Edmonton’s community leagues are a unique network of neighbours and a great way to foster local involvement.

Other places you can find me on the Internet include Twitter, Instagram, and on YouTube, Flickr, and even SoundCloud. Or you can hit me up by email.

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