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Microphones & Moustaches

This Sunday, you’ve got a chance to showcase your talents, or embarrass your friends, all while raising money for research and treatment of prostate cancer. Basically, Microphones & Moustaches is like challenge-karaoke. People will throw down a few dollars to challenge their friends to get up and sing a song, tell some jokes, or read something rather hilarious. It all goes down at Wunderbar.

And if you’re an Eskimos fan, then Microphones & Moustaches is the perfect way to avoid the Grey Cup.

As part of the Movember cause, Mics&Staches will send all of its proceeds (and those of our official team) to help fight prostate cancer in Canada. A reminder to any older gentlemen reading this blog; get yourself checked.

It should be a great way to enjoy a Sunday, raise some money, and celebrate jackassery. Plus, there’s beer.

If you won’t be able to make it out this weekend, but want to help out, you can donate to our team at the official Movember website.

Election Day 2010 Shout-Outs

Instead of firing off 4 or 5 tweets with #FollowFriday recommendations, I figured I could post all the good folks right here and just link to it. I’m nothing if not efficient.

Last year’s municipal election day (October 18, 2010) was the single-busiest day in the edmontonian history. I say that, not because I like to brag, but, because it means the most important issue for our audience wasn’t our goodbye, or something silly or viral, no, it was election day.

I guess I’ll brag a little, since it means we were right about people wanting local news and information.

Now, onto the accolades! Follow these people if you’re on Twitter (and even if you’re not, find a way to see what they’re up to) because they’re onto something:

Sally Poulsen – Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor, Writer, Genius – There’s nothing that Sally cannot do to create media.

Adam Rozenhart – Election Map mapper. And man about digital town.

Pepe Dueñas – Co-host of co-hosts.

Gregg Beever – Partyer. Idea man.

Deja Springfield and Paul Poulsen – The Truthvestigators.

Steve Atamaniuk – Technical wizard.

Trent Wilkie – Man of a thousand faces, media monitor, cheese taster.

Colin MacIntyre – Media monitor, builder of Spaceports.

Scott C. Bourgeois – Media monitor, podcaster, newlywed (if tomorrow goes well).

Mack Male – Commentator, stats king, good guy.

Brittney Le Blanc, Michael Janz, Brittany Kustra, Dave CournoyerPaul Mennier, Stephen Mandel – Technical support, help, good sports.

Eva Sweet Waffles – They catered our evening, with waffles, and are big-time supporters of Edmonton and pillars of our growing street food scene.

Pretty sure I didn’t miss anybody!

Microphones & Moustaches

I know November feels like a long way away, but it’ll be here before you know it. And every other guy on the street will have a weird moustache as he tries to raise money for Movember. Or he actually just has a weird moustache.

But the ones growing facial hair to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer are who we are going to talk about right now.

My old pal Gregg Beever is putting together a Movember event, and we want to get the word out early. I hope to see you at “Microphones & Moustaches: The Movember Open Mic Challenge.”

More details on the November 27th event at the Facebook event page, and over at Inglorious Hipsters. But, basically, you’ll donate money to make your friends, or anyone else in attendance, give us a song, a joke, a dance, or a story. It should be one of the most fun ways to raise money this Movember.