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I’m getting a sinking feeling

I don’t know if I can connect the dots, but I think this story about a tough budget ahead for Edmonton City Council, this one about how more money is needed to fund LRT expansion (or else see it shelved, again), and the downtown arena’s already rising costs might be connected.

I’m probably just making up connections that aren’t there, as I’m terrible at math and there’s no way building a half-billion dollar arena could have an impact on the City budget. Just some Friday paranoia, I guess.

How are the Oilers going to play in that?

Arena Good. Deal Bad.

I fired off a letter to City Council before today’s public hearing on the downtown arena framework (in which the owner of the Oilers puts up nothing and the City pays for everything up front) and I think this more detailed letter from Scott Hennig, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, makes my point even better.

Arenas are great, downtown revitalization is needed, the current deal doesn’t make a lot of sense for current or future taxpayers in Edmonton, and really ties up a lot of the City’s plans on one project.