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MediaCamp Edmonton 2: Storytellers+Developers

Unwilling to change my Twitter name from @journalistjeff, I figured I best keep up on the journalism world, less the Twitter mob demand a name change for accuracy sake. So, I am happy to announce that you can now buy tickets to the 2nd MediaCamp Edmonton.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Lunch will be provided.

The first MediaCamp was an attempt to bring together journalists, bloggers (known as “storytellers” from here on out), coders, web-builders, app developers, and Internet-savvy folk (known as “developers” from here on out) in an unconference format. An unconference is where participants choose the session topics at the beginning of the day. It got some ideas flowing, some connections happening, and just scratched the surface of what was happening to news and information in our Internet age.

MediaCamp - courtesy of Mack Male

Enter MediaCamp 2 (unfortunately not known as “Electric Boogaloo” from here on out). It’s going to be more of a standard, programmed conference. There will be four sessions of discussion and four of hands-on examples and learning (so bring yer laptops!). The point is still to bring together storytellers and developers, but in a more meaningful way.

We want Edmonton’s storytellers to use new tools available to them, and we want developers to work with our large and small media outlets. Edmonton storytellers not aware of just how many “apps for that” are being created here in the city will likely be in for a pleasant surprise on February 4 (spoiler alert: Edmonton’s got a happening development and web scenewe’re even selling tickets through a local web startup).

Using terms like storyteller and developer also allows us organizers to keep things a little broader. This day isn’t just for the busy newshounds in corporate newsrooms, it’s for bloggers, journalists, freelancers, and those working on any platform, of any scale, and audience size to tell stories. And developers aren’t just those deep-coding the most complex of websites or building the next million-downloaded app, it’s for those with tech know-how, eyes for design, zest for open source tools, and all things online.

That’s really what the new information world is about. People from all over, with varying interests and backgrounds, telling stories in new ways in all kinds of places.

I’ll see you February 4.

More details from our YegLive.ca ticket page:

Hands-on learning sessions:

Panel discussions:

  • Self-branding and crowdsourcing — Web and Communications Consultant Jay Palter and Radio/Online Reporter Brittney Le Blanc
  • How do I get an app for that? — Game/Web/App Developer Aaron Clifford and Edmonton Journal Publisher John Connolly
  • How do developers get their story out? — Writer Todd Babiak
  • Demystifying SEO and analytics — SEO provider and Online Marketer Dana DiTomaso

February 4, 2012, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the World Trade Centre Edmonton on the sixth floor. Doors open at 8:30 a.m.

Lunch is included and wi-fi will be available. Please bring your laptop for the hands-on sessions.

Thanks to our sponsors:
Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC)
Edmonton Journal
Global Edmonton
MacEwan University
Yelp Edmonton