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Downtown arena explained

This is Edmonton’s downtown now:

And this Edmonton’s downtown when the Oilers get a new arena built largely with public funds:

Any questions?


With the latest vote on the downtown arena pushing the project ahead on its “$450-million” budget I thought I would simplify the reason this project – and absolutely nothing else in the world that you could spend half-a-billion dollars on – holds the key to Edmonton’s downtown.

(Please ignore the absolute commercial and residential rise of 104 Street, the new office and residential buildings at 109 Street, expanding LRT lines, the slow improvements to east Jasper – the neighbourhood to be known as The Quarters – new condo towers and businesses on west Jasper, the city’s booming food truck scene, Capital Boulevard, and MacEwan University moving all of its campuses downtown.)


Edmonton: It’s All Happening

With mature neighbourhoods, including my own Strathcona, seeing more growth and the LRT packed every day, Edmonton is a city making the right moves.  (With room for more big ideas.)

Throw in our “Super Saturday” and there are really not many other places I’d rather be right now. Heck, even talking to some Toronto folks on a recent trip I think our food truck scene is better than in other cities.

Good stuff, Edmonton.

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