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Free Birthday Stuff (and not just gifts)

Red Robin birthday burger

Happy Birthday! (If it’s your birthday, that is.)

Today for my birthday I decided to scam find as much free food as I could. I mean, free stuff is always great, and nobody wants to take out a loan just to celebrate their birthday. A pending free birthday beverage at Starbucks got me thinking about other places I could get freebies on my date of birth.

Turns out, there are quite a lot of spots to pick up free food, beverages, and discounts. Maybe next year I’ll also ask for a letter from some local dignitary.

Anyway, after scoping things out and a mad rush to sign up for customer loyalty programs, here is what I  got today:

Breakfast – Free Grand Slam at Denny’s. All you need is some proof of your DOB at the ready and breakfast is yours.

Lunch –  Free burger (and fries) at Red Robin. You have to sign up for this one. But I only did it yesterday and still got the coupon (which is good for 2 weeks).

Dinner – Nothing free. I am actually happy to report I ate a salad.

Other freebies – Chai latte at Starbucks. A 2 for 1 coupon from the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club (another signup and good for 2 weeks).

Note, while some places will give you free things with proof of birthday, most want you to sign up for their various customer loyalty or email programs (which, I suppose, you could always unsubscribe from right after scoring free birthday food).

Not only was Denny's the easiest place to score a free birthday meal, they are the only folks who wished me a happy birthday. Nice job, Denny's!
Not only was Denny’s the easiest place to score a free birthday meal, they are the only folks who wished me a happy birthday. Nice job, Denny’s!


CJSR Part 2: A free t-shirt for you

As I mentioned earlier this week, I think CJSR is pretty cool and it’s something you should consider donating to.

It’s time to kick things up a little though.

If you donate to CJSR you can get lots of great, free, stuff. Discount cards, music downloads, t-shirts, hoodies, good stuff. Now, you can’t get your hands on clothing until you donate at least $120, but I know the economy can be a tough old cookie. So, tell you what, if you donate between $20 and $119 to CJSR’s FunDrive I will give you the t-shirt I’ve got coming. (You can email me a screengrab of your donation or whatnot.)

That’s right. I will give you the shirt off my back* if you donate to CJSR. I think community radio is a valuable thing for us to support and sometimes you’ve just got to put your t-shirt where your blog is. Or something.

Oh, and if this somehow convinces multiple people to help out a great artistic hub of Edmonton, I shall draw names out of a hat to see which generous donor gets the t-shirt. Thanks, everybody!

CJSR t-shirt

*It’s never going to be worn by me, so you don’t even have to worry about washing it, you can just go ahead and put it right on. This just keeps getting better for you.