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Hey, Edmonton Movie Makers

This guy looks like he could learn a thing or two about cameras.
This guy looks like he could learn a thing or two about cameras.

While I may not be a top-level authority on movies and television, I’ve got a couple of hot tips for you if you’re into making your own movies, television, or web videos.

Tip the first, is that actual, legitimate, successful movie producer Avi Federgreen is going to be in Edmonton over the March 2/3 weekend and he’s bringing years of movie-making knowledge with him.

On Saturday, March 2 Avi will be hosting an all-day session up at NAIT where he’ll detail how he’s made such movies as Moon Point and One Week. He’s the real deal. This full-day is only $100 – something that’s been offered in other Canadian cities at a higher cost. Get yourself over to the EventBrite for tickets now. Now!

Avi is also here for the Global Visions Film Festival (Feb. 27-Mar. 3). He’ll be taking part in a documentary filmmaking workshop on Sunday, March 3 at the Art Gallery of Alberta. If you’re into documentary film, this is the place to pick up a few tips. (The workshop is followed by a pitch session if you’ve already got some film ideas.)

Basically, if you’re at all serious about making a movie or videos, or you want some more ideas and information on how you might go about producing such a thing in Canada, find Avi on March 2/3.


The other tip I’ve got for you today relates to post-production of such movies and videos. If you don’t have the money to shell out for the Adobe Creative Collection (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.) than consider signing up for the Adobe Creative Cloud. For $50-75/month you can have Adobe’s newest Creative Suite products for an affordable price. (It’s $75 for month-to-month and $50/month if you buy it for a year.) Creating movies, photos, websites, and apps with some of the best software around has never been so dang affordable.

This is actually how we’ll be editing the pilot episode of Startups we recently shot.


In summation: learn from Avi, produce with Adobe Cloud, become an awesome filmmaker, hire me as your butler.