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Edmonton: It’s All Happening

With mature neighbourhoods, including my own Strathcona, seeing more growth and the LRT packed every day, Edmonton is a city making the right moves.  (With room for more big ideas.)

Throw in our “Super Saturday” and there are really not many other places I’d rather be right now. Heck, even talking to some Toronto folks on a recent trip I think our food truck scene is better than in other cities.

Good stuff, Edmonton.

The Room, Tommy Wiseau
There's so much to do I can't choose!

I’m getting a sinking feeling

I don’t know if I can connect the dots, but I think this story about a tough budget ahead for Edmonton City Council, this one about how more money is needed to fund LRT expansion (or else see it shelved, again), and the downtown arena’s already rising costs might be connected.

I’m probably just making up connections that aren’t there, as I’m terrible at math and there’s no way building a half-billion dollar arena could have an impact on the City budget. Just some Friday paranoia, I guess.

How are the Oilers going to play in that?

Downtown Arena Public Hearing

I’ve got to work Tuesday, so if you want to register to speak can you ask City Council a question for me:

Since I’m putting in nothing to help expand Edmonton’s LRT system, and paying the Edmonton Transit System a little bit of money through monthly passes, can I have all ETS revenue?

Heck, I’d settle for 20%.

Alright, I know Daryl Katz will eventually pay back more than $85/month, so I’ll accept free ridership instead of revenues. That’s how Edmonton works now, right?

If I don’t get this, I’m going to take my transit riding to Hamilton or Kansas City.