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Fightin’ Joe Clarke: A Great Edmonton Mayor

Looks like today is the anniversary of a full-out brawl in Edmonton City Council chambers.

I have to take this opportunity to plug a podcast series produced for the 2010 election, where we got all of Edmonton’s great, and crazy, mayors together to talk about the issues.

Don’t mess with Fightin’ Joe Clarke.

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He’d mop the earth with ya.

Election Day 2010 Shout-Outs

Instead of firing off 4 or 5 tweets with #FollowFriday recommendations, I figured I could post all the good folks right here and just link to it. I’m nothing if not efficient.

Last year’s municipal election day (October 18, 2010) was the single-busiest day in the edmontonian history. I say that, not because I like to brag, but, because it means the most important issue for our audience wasn’t our goodbye, or something silly or viral, no, it was election day.

I guess I’ll brag a little, since it means we were right about people wanting local news and information.

Now, onto the accolades! Follow these people if you’re on Twitter (and even if you’re not, find a way to see what they’re up to) because they’re onto something:

Sally Poulsen – Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor, Writer, Genius – There’s nothing that Sally cannot do to create media.

Adam Rozenhart – Election Map mapper. And man about digital town.

Pepe Dueñas – Co-host of co-hosts.

Gregg Beever – Partyer. Idea man.

Deja Springfield and Paul Poulsen – The Truthvestigators.

Steve Atamaniuk – Technical wizard.

Trent Wilkie – Man of a thousand faces, media monitor, cheese taster.

Colin MacIntyre – Media monitor, builder of Spaceports.

Scott C. Bourgeois – Media monitor, podcaster, newlywed (if tomorrow goes well).

Mack Male – Commentator, stats king, good guy.

Brittney Le Blanc, Michael Janz, Brittany Kustra, Dave CournoyerPaul Mennier, Stephen Mandel – Technical support, help, good sports.

Eva Sweet Waffles – They catered our evening, with waffles, and are big-time supporters of Edmonton and pillars of our growing street food scene.

Pretty sure I didn’t miss anybody!