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Microphones & Moustaches

This Sunday, you’ve got a chance to showcase your talents, or embarrass your friends, all while raising money for research and treatment of prostate cancer. Basically, Microphones & Moustaches is like challenge-karaoke. People will throw down a few dollars to challenge their friends to get up and sing a song, tell some jokes, or read something rather hilarious. It all goes down at Wunderbar.

And if you’re an Eskimos fan, then Microphones & Moustaches is the perfect way to avoid the Grey Cup.

As part of the Movember cause, Mics&Staches will send all of its proceeds (and those of our official team) to help fight prostate cancer in Canada. A reminder to any older gentlemen reading this blog; get yourself checked.

It should be a great way to enjoy a Sunday, raise some money, and celebrate jackassery. Plus, there’s beer.

If you won’t be able to make it out this weekend, but want to help out, you can donate to our team at the official Movember website.