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Community radio. Community music. Community arts. Community.

I donated to CJSR, Edmonton’s community (and campus) radio station, this morning. It’s something you should consider if you’re a fan of Edmonton music, Alberta music, eclectic and independent music, international music, alternative and probing news, and supporting volunteers.

I did it because I love Monday mornings with “Makin’ Whoopee“. Chad and Colin define what community radio is all about. They volunteer their time, they play music you won’t hear on any other radio station, including lots of local bands and artists, they support the other radio station volunteers, they keep us updated on the Asia Ice Hockey League, and they embrace the chance to tout the virtues of other volunteers, artists, and community-minded folks and efforts.

Even if I couldn’t listen to anything else on the station (88.5 on your Edmonton FM dial, CJSR.com for all other occasions) I would give these guys money. Of course, there are plenty of other programs on CJSR I like listening to.

All five days of the work week start with great shows, the weekend has plenty of international flavour, with members of so many of Edmonton’s vibrant communities (from the very newest immigrant nations to our city, to those who have made Edmonton home for some time) offering music from their home nations, their niche, and news and information on what’s happening locally with people sharing a culture. And if you’ve got an idea for a radio show, start volunteering today.

Plus, CJSR is just one of those hubs you find in any city.

The announcers support local artists, the artists reciprocate, and live shows happen all over Edmonton at friendly venues perpetuating the love. If you think about people and groups around Edmonton who are involved with art, music, and charity and community efforts you are not going to be very many steps removed from the little radio station in the basement of the U of A’s Students Union Building.CJSR FunDrive banner, with a radio for an ear because it's listener supported

Oh, and if all that didn’t get you thinking about donating, there’s also sweet, sweet swag.